Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Free Ps3

The Ps3 Slimline is one of the Largest selling games consoles ever to be manufactured so well-known that before it was even available to buy, some men and women on the web were paying more than two times the RRP! The existing Playstation 3 Slimline in the United Kingdom is currently providing a enormous eightygb hard drive and a free Dual shock controller. The Playstation 3 Slimline is currently selling in the UK for Two hundred and fifty nine pounds, which is a good deal, but what if you could get some absolutely free Well here's where you can!

Freebie hunters over the world have currently acquired in excess of £215,000 worth of free gifts, and now its your chance to get a cut of the action. To obtain your free Ps3, all you have to do is register and type in your information at any of the freebie web sites available.

After you sign up to the internet site you will be given a exclusive URL which you must use to refer your friends. Before you do this, first you must sign up to an offer. The offers vary depending on which webpage you go for, but a number of the offers are accessible on all the freebie sites.

To get your Ps3 in the quickest possible time, choose any of the betting offers, although they are not free, you have the chance to win back your initial deposit, maybe extra! When you have done an offer, you then have to refer some of your close friends, using the unique url given to you before. The amount of relatives and friends you must refer, depends on the item you are going for, in this case a Ps3, so between ten & fifteen referrals, depending on the freebie site.

Not all the freebie websites expect you to complete an offer, a few let you swop in some of your referrals to effectively pay for the offer, which means you will have to refer more mates, but the Ps3 Slimline will be completely free! When you have forwarded the necessary amount of buddies, the freebie web site will verify your account to make sure none of your referrals have broken any of the terms & conditions. Once verified, your Free Ps3 will be forwarded for free in the mail. So what are you waiting for? Forward some friends now and claim your free PlayStation 3!

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